Hello, I’m Mandy, and I’m a Busy Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer and website builds by Amanda Sicard
Melanie Lococo of melanielococo.com and me!

That’s me, Amanda Sicard, I go by Mandy, on the right, and I am a digital marketer and website designer. (Here’s where you say “hi Mandy”). I’ve been pretty busy with my new digital marketing, website design, and SEO career. And, I’m loving it! I was so fortunate to have started with an agency almost a year ago, straight out of school. I am thankful and have learned and gained some wonderful experiences there. Unfortunately, have not been able to keep up at the non-profit, where I was the Marketing Chairperson for several years. But, I hope to do some more volunteering again in the future.

This last year, I’ve been busy building websites, updating some websites, and doing SEO work to help improve traffic on websites. Also, doing some social media marketing. In addition, some other marketing such as creating flyers, invites, business cards, and more! I have to say, my favorite is creating and building websites from beginning to end. It’s such an exciting process to meet with my client, get a feel for their business, assess their needs, then start the process.

Why Should You Hire Me as Your Digital Marketer?

These days it’s very easy for people to build their own websites, but it is time-consuming. You can end up spending a lot of time just figuring out how to do it. And, unless you know anything about SEO (Search engine optimization) or Google Analytics, it is hard to have your site come up on search engines, like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. That’s where I come in. I’ve learned a diverse set of skills that insure I can make your website look beautiful, be functional, user-friendly, and show up in search engines. People are looking for your unique product or service and need to be able to find it. Visit my portfolio to see some of my work. If you need help with your website, whether giving it a freshen-up or starting from new, please give me a call or shoot me an email. I’d love to help you out.

I graduated! Jumping right into my digital marketing career

Digital Marketing Career

I’ve jumped right into my digital marketing career after graduating from SDSU’s Digital Marketing program. So exciting! It’s been a year full of learning and expanding on my knowledge and experience in the digital marketing field.


Digital Marketing career

Virtual Classrooms

When I first signed up for the Digital Marketing program I hadn’t stepped into a classroom in a long while. Little did I know how things have changed. One is that due to Covid classrooms were all being done virtually and secondly, how much I would love it! 

The program was intense with long hours and a lot of outside work to keep up with everything that we were learning. Fortunately, my schedule allowed for it with the flexibility of the volunteering I was doing. And, the majority of the class was in the evenings with the exception of Sundays. 

The program had a lot of experienced and well-educated instructors who had many years of experience in their positions in the field of digital marketing. Some were CEOs and owners of their own companies. The teachers were available through Slack and Canvas. And, they were very generous with their time in providing support and answering questions outside of class. Also, there was the valuable resource of LinkedIn networking for future business and career opportunities.

Through word of mouth and my own marketing, I’ve already been taking on new work from clients. I continue to learn and grow and am looking forward to where this new career takes me. Whether I continue working for myself or take on a position in the future with a company, I know I’ll succeed with what I’ve learned during the program. 

If you have any digital marketing needs be it website, marketing, photography, please reach out and let me know how I can help you.



Amanda Sicard


Completing a journey, and creating new ones

I am nearing the end of the Digital Marketing Bootcamp through SDSU’s Global Campus that I have been enrolled in since January of this year. I’m completing a journey and creating new ones. I have learned so much and have been able to apply much of what I’ve learned to my volunteer position as the Marketing Communications Chairperson at Assistance League of Inland North County, a non-profit thrift shop in Escondido. Improving on and creating SEO strategies for the organization’s existing website, creating engaging content, using relevant keywords, improving the navigation, creating new member forms and member access to information are a few of the tasks I’ve been able to implement. I’ve always been self-motivated and had great initiative, and through taking this course and continuing my education through other online courses, I’ve been able to strengthen my understanding and build on what I’ve learned. I’m building websites for new clients and providing social media tools to those that need it. I’m really excited about being able to expand and grow my new business with these new skills, knowledge and experience that I now have. Have a look at my growing portfolio and feel free to refer me to friends and acquaintances who may have a need for my services. Thanks for reading!

Where To Next? Hopes & Aspirations of a Website Designer

After a very strange and long year in 2020 due to Covid-19, I was eagerly anticipating some major changes in 2021. I knew with the new year and new administration there were sure to be changes ahead. I had responded to an ad I had seen on Facebook about a Digital Marketing Bootcamp that was being offered. I received a call and had a wonderful conversation with a student advisor from the campus. I learned about what the program had to offer and was excited to learn that it was exactly what I had been hoping it was and more. Knowing that I wanted to further pursue a new career in the digital marketing field I wasn’t even aware that there was a program that encompassed so many of the things I was interested in learning in one place. I had several conversations over several weeks with Student Success Managers (SSM), coaches at the university who stay in touch and answer any questions that you might have.

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I learned that there was an Introductory class to try it out and make sure that the extended program was something you could commit to. I thought it was a great way to learn more and hopefully find that it would be what I hoped that it would be. The extended program was a big commitment lasting 8 additional months with 400 hours of instruction. I was a bit rusty when it came to taking classes and with it being on zoom I was even more apprehensive as to whether it would be the right fit for me.

Fortunately, I loved it! I loved being able to log into a class and not even leave my home! I loved the instructors who were very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. They were very receptive to questions and shared so much of what they knew with us. Guest speakers shared even more great information about the field of digital marketing. The SSMs were great and easy to get ahold of and so very friendly and helpful. I loved that you could re-watch the class via Panapto and that you could ask questions via Slack. So much great technology available that enhances the experience of going to school. Going through the program was very empowering and gave me lots of confidence and now new knowledge and experience to move forward with my goals of entering the field of digital marketing and website design.

What volunteering has given me

Being at home with two daughters the last 18 years has given me so many gifts. The gift of time with them and the beautiful and close relationship that it has created for our entire family. Through homeschooling, I often enjoyed driving them to various activities & field trips where they learned many new things and made new friends. Those drives produced some deep and meaningful, and often fun conversations. While I wasn’t working for a company I definitely utilized organizational skills, personal relationship skills, time management, research and so much more. I organized homeschool groups, field trips, was a girl scout leader, a 4H leader and on a more personal side a confidant and friend to them and their friends. As they got older and more independent, started driving, wanting to go with and hang out with friends without mama around, they needed me less and less.

At an event promoting the Assistance League of Inland N. County

As a result, I needed something to fill my time. I had always been interested in volunteering and had done so in various capacities such as Girls Scouts and 4H, but now I really wanted to do something for the local community and to help those in need. I heard about Assistance League of Inland North County from a friend and decided to check it out. Four years later, I have participated in various functions, from sorting and hanging clothes to working in the shop with customers, going to various events to help promote what our organization does and recruiting new volunteers. I have to say though, my most favorite part has been helping out families and small children in the community. I have enjoyed reading with school age children, helping them with their reading skills. I loved doing crafts with them at street fairs where we would go to promote our organization with the community. I especially loved helping them choose clothing out for the school year through our Operation School Bell program. I’ve enjoyed working with the Assisteens, an auxiliary group of volunteer teens from local junior and high schools, as they developed new leadership skills and helped the community.

It was through this organization that I not only enjoyed volunteering and giving to the community but I developed a love and excitement about digital marketing through managing their website, social media and other PR functions. It was this new enthusiasm that I had developed that allowed me to pursue an education in digital marketing through a digital marketing bootcamp with SDSU. It has taught me more in-depth knowledge about the field and inspired my desire to re-enter the work force and start a new career in digital marketing specifically. I’m so very excited to see where it takes me!

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Helping families choose school clothing for the new school year

Who am I and why am I blogging?

My first blog post on my first personal website. I am so excited to be sharing with you why I’m here and what I’m about. First of all, my name is Amanda Sicard, but I go by Mandy to most, and I live in Escondido, California. I recently decided to follow a new passion that’s been developing the last several years. That passion is digital marketing and creating websites for small businesses and non-profits. I’ve spent the last several years honing those skills through volunteering at a local non-profit where I’ve been the Marketing Communications Chairperson for the last two years. While there I have been responsible for updating social media, writing news articles for local papers, updating the website and creating and sending out email newsletters. More recently, I’ve expanded on those skills and knowledge through completing the Digital Marketing Bootcamp at Hacker U, through the SDSU Global Campus Online Program.

Another passion of mine is photography. I really enjoy taking family portraits and have created many beautiful images for families to preserve their special moments . I enjoy being outside with nature, enjoying the many trails and parks in North County San Diego. While out and about I always have my camera with me and often take many photos of the natural beauty that I see. In addition, I enjoy attending local community events and take and share my photos . Also, in my developing interests I have created both long and shorter visual stories through creating movies. I hope I am able to provide you with the support and experience you need to capture your special moments and being able to share those with the world.